Guest Ministers

Bro. Ira and Sis. Mary Yeatts

Founder of the
Martinsville Church of Truth
Amazing Grace By Kendall Preskitt

The Martinsville Church of Truth is the result of the missionary effort of the Danville Church of Truth in Danville, Va. The church operated as a mission outreach of the Danville Church of Truth for many years with various pastors. The church eventually developed into a self-supporting assembly, but continues to maintain strong ties with the church in Danville.

Bro. Clyde Chan
Bro. and Sis David Livingstone
Bro. Dollas Messer

Convention 2022
May 5 – Vesper Service

Bro. And Sis Glen Meacum
Bro. Jamie Osbourne
Bro. Jamie Ellington

Convention 2022

Bro. L. D. Savage
Bro. Mike and Sis. LaDonna Blue
Bro. Mike Flowers
Bro. Randy Webb

Convention 2022
May 7 Evening Service

Bro. Roger Boyd
Bro. Scott Thornberg
Bro. Todd Belcher

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